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Ruby On Rails Reference

Tomorrow marks the start of my third Ruby On Rails course. It’s going to be a 3 day course with a (somewhat lengthy) introduction to Ruby (and some of the joys of programming in a very dynamic language) with the rest of the time devoted to Rails. I firmly believe in hands-on training, so the amount of lecturing is minimal. And there are only 5 or 6 participants in the class. They will build an application from scratch - either something from their domain (or if they don’t have any idea) an application that I have thought out.

The course materials consist of the two books “Programming Ruby” and “Agile Web Development with Rails”. In addition, I created a 20+ page summary of the most used Rails commands, functions, classes. It’s based partly on the book and mostly on the source code and it’s documentation. Consider it a giant “cheat sheet” for rails.

I release it under a Creative Commons license.

There’s the PDF version rails-reference-1.1.pdf (480 kb) and the HTML version and you can check out the source code (it’s all written in plain text Markdown) in the Subversion repository. The Changelog will tell you what has changed.

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