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getting there

The lack of updates here are due to a variety of reasons:

  • having my wife in hospital to have her gall bladder removed
  • having one of our rabbits disappear (either as part of a stroll in the wild or becoming a valuable member of the food chain - valuable for a fox, that is. Probably both, because we didn’t see any signs of a fight in the cage)
  • Starting construction of a new, bigger, better, bolder cage for the remaining rabbit (and it’s two new friends, that are waiting to become a part of our family)
  • The delivery of a 15 page project description for my education to become an Organisator (business analyst)
  • The finishing touches to two rails projects (I still continue to provide those touches)
  • The usual mid-year release of 2 Notes projects I handle
  • The continuing writing of the (successful beyond my wildest dreams) Ruby on Rails Reference (Now including both a TOC and a section on ActionMailer)
  • spending 2 days a week as the liaison between Notes admins and Notes developers at a large Notes customer (and responsible for maintaining the import process from a host system to the NAB that controls access rights for 20'000 users)
  • Preparing for reboot (if you are a OpenBC member, please join the reboot group (via Martin Roll)
  • Fighting chronic back pain (due to some inflamed muscles in my lower back)
  • setting up my wife’s new MacBook (what a gorgeous little machine)
  • I’m sure there’s more…

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