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zurich.rb forming

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Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) are slowly picking up steam in Zurich (and Switzerland) so it seems to be a good time to start a Ruby user group. Anyone that want’s to start this with me is invited on Thursday, 28.9.2006 in the evening to meet, eat, drink and chat about Ruby (and Rails).

We’ll see how many people are interested, and if there is interest in a formal group or in a (ir)regular meeting. If there are more than two people coming, I’ll organise space in a restaurant.

If there’s anyone interested in presenting something, let me know.

Please comment here if you are interested, send me an email at or find another way to get in touch with me.

Update: There’s a lot of interest, we are up to 7 people now, and there’s a SwissRUG mailing list to further coordinate. The meeting will take place, details to be announced.

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