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Free music, free books

Sounds to good to be true - well it is in a way. But it ain’t that bad…

Prompted by Magnatune - freie Online Musik by Martin Roll I (re)discovered Magnatune, a online music store that sells music with a creative commons license. I promptly bought the album Big Dipper that Martin recommended. If you like a copy of it, leave a comment here - the first two commenters will received the code to download the album (as per their generous license agreement).

Reading up on Magnatune, I happpend on BookMooch, another project of the Magnatune founder. Bookmooch lets you give away the books you no longer need. In return, you can request books that other no longer need. The only thing this costs you, is the postage.

I love the idea and have started to go through my collection of books I no longer need - maybe there’s something you’d like?

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