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This is one crazy month

It seems like January has barely started, and already I’m more than waist deep in work:

  • A not yet announced secret project, that I honestly started with today. Something I have never done before, and something that I’m both excited and scared about. You’ll read more about it, in the months to come.
  • Another secret project, that you will (if all goes well) see at Lift Conference
  • regular work
  • A small Lotus Notes maintenance project (my first go at Notes 7.0 - and boy does the IDE still suck)
  • Another potential project coming my way with a tight deadline
  • Some rails mentoring
  • and all the other ideas that I’m floating constantly - there’s one that I’d really like to make happen - and I have to make it happen soon, because of the elections in switzerland this fall.

I have retreated to our flat in the mountains - thanks to my family who have let me go (and will let me go for a couple of days almost each week for the next few months). Without you I wouldn’t be able to pull this off. And I have started martial arts again: Thanks to Dannie Jost I started Aikikdo just before x-mas, and had my second lesson this week. After a long absence from the martial arts (I studied Karate for a couple of years) it’s wonderful to be doing something with my body again. And it’s absolutely fascinating to experience the smoothness and fluidity of it - in stark contrast to the movements and techniques of Karate.

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