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Copilot does Mac!

This is for you out there supporting relatives, friends or customers… Trying to get a computer non-literary person to describe something over the phone (“now what does it say on your monitor?” “Dell”) or even have them do some tasks is an exercise in pain.

There are of course solutions, like VNC, but even setting them up is a pain. Copilot wraps up a VNC client and server, adds some Fogcreek server magic to work around firewalls, NATs and other barriers and allows almost instant, no-setup over the wire help.

FogCreek has just released version 2.0 of Copilot with - hold it - Mac OS X support. They also did some under the hood magic to make direct connections between the helper and the helpee (if that’s technically possible) and even lowered the price for all of this. Helping someone costs $5 per 24 hours. Imagine how much time you save by not having to talking (“no not that button, the other one..”) the other person through their problems.

Highly recommended!

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