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Lift 07 - Day 1

Lift really started today and had a bunch of very different talks that I attended. I’m not even going to try to summarize them - Stephanie and Bruno are doing a wonderful, wonderful job with their notes. (I wonder how Bruno manages to attend (seemingly) every talk and publish a concise recap with pictures and links within hours. Must be that journalist thing :) - or a couple of ghost writers maybe? )

The personal highlight for me was the talk by Prof. Sugata about the hole in the wall experiments. Fascinating, fascinating. He put a computer up in slums or very rural areas of India and watched how kids in the 6-13 year age bracket educated themselves to using the computer, surfing the internet, even learning around 200 words of english - all without any intervention from teachers.

The most incoherent talk was by Bernino Lind who did an extravagant show with three guys playing the accordion, a slide show of pictures and a talk that talked about - yes - what did he talk about?

People met:

and a lot of others, that I can’t remember in my current - semi-catatonic state… Will be updated as necessary

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