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flow @ TweakFest

Today, Tweakfest 2007 starts. Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak will be holding a keynote, and the rest of the festival program looks really exciting!

I’m happy to provide a little piece of the Tweakfest Puzzle with flow@tweakfest, a backchannel application that will collect users, visitors, spectators feedback and be projected next to the presentations.

While I have been doing quite a few Ruby On Rails applications over the last year, I always had the luxury of working on in-house solutions. This is my first public facing application to go live, and to say that I’m nervous is just understating it.

There are a bunch of things, I would have liked to tidy up, but alas - Tweakfest is here, and the time to release it has come.

You are cordially invited to check it out, please don’t break anything, or if you do, let me know.

See you on flow.tweakfest.ch

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