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I have been using my mobile phones as a modem for the Mac Power/MacBook quite some time now with mixed success. While the different Nokia phone I used (Commuicator 9500, 9300 and the E61) generally work fine, they regularly just crash or drop the connection - sometime requiring a reboot of the phone. And, while I’m online via the phone, I can’t be reached - which sometimes is difficult.

So - after seeint that Swisscom Mobile has PC Express cards that supposedly work on my MacBook Pro, I decided to try that.

I got the card, a new SIM, a new contract (CHF 39 for 12 hours of data per month) and dropped the CHF 69 / month “unlimited” 2 GB data option from my regular subscription.

The CD comes with some Mac software that installs easily enough. Plugging the card in, entering the SIM code and hey presto: Online!

It just works. Even better, my copy of Launch2Net also recognizes the card and connected without any configuration. Impressive! I like the Launch2Net software better, so I dropped the bare-bones software that Swisscom bundled, and now I’m both living on the Edge and on UMTS/HDSPA where available.

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