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HAML 1.7 and Gettext

If you are trying to use HAML 1.7 and Ruby Gettext, you’ll have problems extracting the string information from the HAML files.

While [teamschnitzel][1] has a solution that almost works, there was a change in HAML 1.7 that will render it useless. HAML deprecated the :precompiled accessor which the GetText Parser needs. Luckily, it’s really simple to add it back to HAML:

Open vendor/plugins/haml/lib/haml/haml/engine.rb and

  class Engine
# Allow reading and writing of the options hash
attr : options, true
attr_reader :precompiled

add the attr_reader line. Then scroll down in the file until you see the following code:

# This method is deprecated and shouldn't be used.
def precompiled
  $stderr.puts <

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