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The Flow (2008-02-22)

Free Memory

I have too many applications open all the time, and only 2 GB of memory. The memory management of OSX just doesn’t seem to be able to handle this, without regular reboots. iFreeMem seems to be the solution. Downloaded trial today, let’s see, how good it it.

Current status:

Arwen:files jcf$ uptime
8:26  up 4 days, 23:59, 8 users, load averages: 0,41 0,70 0,76

Twittery iPhone

Have your iPhone twitter its current location every now and then, in case it’s stolen (or you want to track someone?). iPhone LoJack does this for you.

No Password required

In corporate settings, single sign on is often done with Smartcards and client certificates. You can have the same with OpenID and client certificates. Dr Nic explains how. Safari (or rather the Keychain implementation is horribly broken… and I couldn’t get the set identity dialog to appeear)

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