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The Flow (2008-02-25)

Scripting Screencasts

Castanaut is a DSL and library to script ScreenCasts in Ruby. Nifty!

while_saying "To install it, drag it to your bookmarks bar." do
  move to_element("a.button")
  drag to(88, 106)
  pause 0.5
  hit Enter

Scripting the Shell

What if you could use Ruby instead of the shell? You can

local_dir = Rush::Box.new('localhost')['/Users/adam/server_logs/'].create servers = %w(www1 www2 www3).map { |n| Rush::Box.new(n) }
servers.each { |s| s['/var/log/nginx/access.log'].copy_to local_dir["#{s.host}_access.log"] } 

Rush - the Ruby shell

Rapid Game Development

Interested in developing a game in one week? I am - but I don’t seem to find the time.

A list of resources and the post-mortem of someone actually doing it.

(For the moment, when I find time)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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