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Get a PDF of my Rails book

It took a bit longer than we wanted too, but I’m happy to announce that the PDF version of my Rails Book is now available.

The book is getting excellent reviews (which I am very grateful for) and has been selling quite well on Amazon, thank you all

You can buy the PDF version directly from the publisher: Professionelle Webentwicklung mit Ruby on Rails 2 (PDF). The price is 28 Euro, a discount of 20%

If you prefer the dead-tree version, you can get it either from the publisher or from Amazon. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer you a combo of both products because of german ‘Buchpreisbindung’.

If you want to browse the book online, head over to rails-praxis.de where a few sample chapters are available as PDF and the whole book as HTML (really really soon now).

Jens-Christian Fischer

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