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InVisible Rails Sprint, Day 1

The last few months have been furious. Not only have we moved to the new offices, but Keith Bingman has joined us as on a regular basis, and Andrea Szabo is our intern for the next 18 months, while she’s becoming an application developer. Quite a few projects have been made, a new website is on it’s way. We’ve had a lot of client work and more is yet to come, but we thought, it might be fun to do something for ourselves for a change.

So this week we prepare for a pet project that hopefully will launch on Friday, March 6th.

This is the plan:

Monday: Register domains and Twitter users - done, and the domain names we got have a certain cutie factor…

Tuesday: Regular work on client projects and I will be writing the specs while travelling

Wednesday: Setup work environment: Rails 2.3, Github account, setup web servers, setup continuous integration server, implement Clearance (because it looks neat), maybe get a sketch of the UI and a logo done.

Thursday: More regular client work

Friday: Get to work: Build the app and launch the first version around 17:00 CEST. Then “ruby beer” at our offices to celebrate

So what does the application do? No details yet, but it scratches an itch of mine, it’s a Twitter app, and it should be doable until friday.

Oh - and it has a cute name….

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