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links for 2010-03-05

eigenclass - Related document discovery, without algebra

Finding related documents - without algebra

(tags: ruby datamining lsi algorithms tagging programming data python)

SVD Recommendation System in Ruby - igvita.com

And a detour on SVD in Ruby

(tags: ruby programming rails datamining learning rubyonrails recommendations algorithms)

Practical text classification with Ruby « the zen machine

Some more information on how to fix the LSI classifier

(tags: ruby classification bayesian programming tagging data lsi)

Classifier - Xavier Shay’s Blog

some notes on the Ruby LSI classifier (and getting it work with rails) - might be interesting for a certain project that could use semantic searching

(tags: classifier, rails, sum, semantic, search, lsi)

Books in the Age of the iPad

Interesting & well written article on the future of books

(tags: books apple usability technology article design creativity book ipad publishing ebooks)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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