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GPG Mail under Snow Leopard

For an upcoming project I needed to set up secure communications using GPG. It’s been a few years since I used this, and I have never used GPG on the Mac before… Turn out, that it’s not trivial to get it running… Here’s a bunch of links that helped me get things working:

Then generate your keys (follow the instructions found at Zeitform)

To install the mailbundle, create a folder ~/Library/Mail/Bundles and copy the GPGMail.mailbundle file you downloaded from Github into it. Drop to a terminal and execute the following two command which will enable Bundles in Mail.app.

defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool yes

defaults write com.apple.mail BundleCompatibility -int 3

(via blogator)

Now you can start importing public keys from others into you GPG Keychain and sign / encrypt email from Mail.app

Here is my GPG public key 0x3B5F40BE

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