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Daily Log, 2010-11-01

Little work done due to hospital visit and lot’s of talking.

Working on secret project (to be released soon) and getting fed up with this message when running the cucumber features (Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3.0, Cucumber Beta 0.22): “warning: regexp match /…/n against to UTF-8 string”. It turns out, that others have had that too: Crimpy Code and Openhood have the solution.

We are looking into providing support for login via Facebook. OmniAuth seems to fit the ticket nicely (and it also handles a bunch of other authentication systems based on OAuth, OpenID, LDAP and many others). We’ll see how this works out.

Our “Deploy First” strategy has paid of nicely so far. We have a “production” and a “staging” environment and can create a new environment from scratch (including setting up the servers on EC2) in around 30 minutes fully automated. EC2 and Scalarium have been good to us so far.

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