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Daily Log, 2010-11-09

Thanks to you commenters. The Rails 3 function I18n.transliterate('some String with ümläüts') #=> some String with umlauts (or even ‘uemlaeuets’ if you specify :locale => 'de' as an additional parameter to transliterate) works beautifully.

In other news, I think I have the old retro 700 character format nailed down - let’s see if the organisation can handle the test files we are going to send tomorrow.

Other than that - a lot of private meetings, not much of real work done. Now writing a summary and critique of Kanban for the university. We have utilized some Kanban features (namely the WIP limitation on the taskboard) in the enterprise Rails project I was involved in in Munich to good effect. There’s a lot of very good literature around about Scrum / Kanban / Scrumban. Very interesting reading - might change our current style of development to Kanban after the next iteration.

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