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Daily Log, 2011-06-03

Short week this week. The InVisible crew (Keith, Richard and myself) went to Berlin to RailsWayCon where I held a presentation about “Testing distributed / complex applications”.

Testing distributed, complex web applications

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We had a great time, meeting many people and listening to quite a few interesting presentations. We had ample time to talk over future projects and came up with some interesting ideas. Stay tuned for hearing more about them.

Looking forward to meeting my friend Sig Rinde of Thingamy fame this afternoon.

In tech news, one of our Rails Hosting customers, Julien Ramel, showed me a way to display the current server’s name as background image in an iTerm session! https://kpumuk.info/mac-os-x/how-to-show-ssh-host-name-on-the-iterms-background/

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