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Long shot: I'm trying to gauge the quality of some "random" numbers...

Long shot: I’m trying to gauge the quality of some “random” numbers that I have generated. I’m using the “dieharder” https://www.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/General/dieharder.php library to analyse the data I have (in a file)

I use a file for my data (even though that’s not recommended) and give that data to dieharder:

dieharder -g 202 -f my_data.input -s 1

(where -g 202 tells dieharder to use the input file) and -s 1 is the test to run.

This fails spectacularly with all tests. If I create a file of random numbers from one of the built in generators, I get the same (failing) result. Running dieharder with the -v 1 option (for debug purposes), I can see the file of data being read and parsed seemingly correctly.

Any ideas out there in G+ land?

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