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100 days

Readers of this blog (there might be a few left) might have noted, that I haven’t blogged much the last months / years. I spend most of my online time on Twitter ( @jcfischer ) and the rest of the time I tend to work - Mobino is the company I have co-founded with J.F. Groff. and I’m acting and working as CTO. We are building a (nay, the) mobile payment system for 5 billion people, and I can tell you, it’s a ride.

I have had quite a bit happening in 2012, and 2013 looks like an equally interesting year. I sometimes miss writing / thinking out loud, and the blog (in its state of despair) has always nagged me. Today on Twitter I saw 140 characters about a “blog every day for 100 days” movement (of course I can’t remember who tweeted it, and my Google-Fu has left me) so I can’t give credit, or link to the article / manifesto / site in question…

Nonetheless, this is what I plan to do: Blog every day for the next 100 days. Lift.do will help me (maybe) - feel free to track my progress.

Onwards (only 99 blog posts to go)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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