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81 - The eve of holidays

The family and I will be packing up tonight and heading to the mountains tomorrow for a week of sunshine (promised), skiing (expected), dwelling in the spa (relaxed) and pampered by be the hotel (appreciated)

This is the third time we are heading to the Hotel Altein in Arosa and we are very much looking forward to it. The only thing missing now is to finish the packing, an event that causes endless screaming and shouting and loosing of nerves until finally we have all pieces needed (minus those we forget) in the different suitcases and rucksacks. The most difficult part (and the one that is strangest) is the amount of electronics that the family brings. An unscientific count shows these devices:

  • 2 or 3 MacBook Pros

  • 2 Kindles

  • 2 iPads

  • 4 iPhones

  • 1 Mobile UMTS hotspot

  • chargers and cables for the whole mess

All in all we will have 10 or 11 Wifi enabled devices for a family of 4. I distinctly remember that holidays used to be less electric in the past….

Jens-Christian Fischer

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