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80a - really responsive design

Just stumbled upon this gem of a responsive website. It uses your Laptops webcam and a JavaScript headtracking library to determine your distance to the screen. It then adjusts the fontsize of the website to fit.Responsive Facetracking Design

Great idea - and really neat.

Reminds me of a discussion about an idea I had with someone random at Lift a couple of years ago. We talked about the computer being able to detect if the user was concentrated while working on the computer (determined by face recognition and eye tracking) and fading out all windows expect for the one you are working in. If, on the other hand, you are un-focused, the computer will show more or different windows (not sure, if this would help becoming more focussed, but it seems like a fun idea anyway)

And the face tracking software is cool all by itself.

(Via Daniel Frei)

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