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78 - amazing

When we are here in Arosa, we take ski lessons with Adi - a known teacher here. He’s fun, talkative but most of all, he is an amazing teacher. Not so much in what he shows you - I guess many other teachers can do that too. But Adi has a gift of making his pupils believe in themselves.

He spent two hours with Daniela who is on skis for the first time again after 25 years. After those she had a big smile on her face, and skied faster and more secure than before. Today he spent two hours with Zoë and me - and we raced the mountains like I never would have believed possible. He just smiles at you, says “let’s do this” and you are totally confident that it’s a good idea to go straight down the steepest slope (and of course I forgot to track this and see how fast we really went, I enjoyed it way too much). Zoë now skis faster and technically better than me - and she enjoys every second of it.

It’s amazing to watch (and to feel) how this guy instills confidence into his pupils, and without the slightest form of pressure brings them to do what they didn’t think was in them. Humbling.

Oh - and on Friday he wants to take us off slope from the Weisshorn down to Molinis. What could possibly go wrong…

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