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73 - Kickstarting

Kickstarter is a huge time and money sink - all those nifty projects, great ideas, great artists…

Last year I spent way too much money on nice projects, some of them turned out to be not so hot as thought (CordCruncher, I’m looking at you)

But today, coming back from holidays, saw the letter with the Nifty minidrive, and earlier today I got the email with the link to download the beta version of Drifter. Last year I received the gorgeous album by Amanda Palmer (and got to see her live later)


Still waiting for the Pebble, Space Command, Republique, Elite: Dangerous, Light Table and Memoto. On IndieGoGo, I’m waiting for the Misfit Shine.

I absolutely adore the idea of kickstarting projects, and I must hold myself back forcefully in order not to spend way too much money on all of these good ideas…

Jens-Christian Fischer

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