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67 - the antipope

Tim Bray Out me onto reading Charles Stross with his review Robot Sex-Slave Blues of “Saturns Children”.

In the meantime I have read most (or all) of Charlies books, and I love the different universes he has created (“the laundry”, “post singularity”, “near future” and “parallel worlds”)

Unfortunately, Charlie only writes one book per year, so there’s always waiting for his next book.

Fortunately, Charlie has a fantastic blog, and not only shares his insights into his writings, but also floats good thinking and interesting links. That and a great commenters community make that blog one of my favorite readings on the Internet.

Evidence? Check out a short link to possible natural nuclear reactors on Mars (and Oklo on Earth, I didn’t know that) or the link to Roko’s Basilisk (which led me to LessWrong.

Highly recommended (both the blog and books by Charlie)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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