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52 - Stephan Eicher

Last time I was at a concert of Stephan Eicher must have been in the mid 1980s. Stephan was solo on stage with a guitar and a sampler and a box of floppy discs and after each song, he would smile shy and ask what we wanted to hear. He then proceeded to load that floppy disc and play it.

I have heard most of his music since then but never seen him life again. Until tonight.

The concert was in a club, relatively small. His band was small and tight  (a wonderful violinist Johan Renard, Hank Shizzoe (@HankShizzoe) on guitars, Baptiste Germser (@bgermser) and Simon Baumann on drums). Stephan played a couple a wonderful mix of new and old songs, a fantastic set. As a child of the 80s I enjoyed his old songs “Déjeuner en paix”, “Pas d’ami comme toi”, “Combien de temps”, “Des hauts des bas” and his covers of “Hemmige” , “Campari Soda” and “S’Vreneli vom Guggisberg

If you have a chance to see them, go and do it: This has been one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

And for us old farts (stuff he didn’t play, but things I still enjoy): “MiniMiniMiniJupe” and of course “Les filles du Limmatquai

Jens-Christian Fischer

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