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50 - how music really works

I have been ill the last few days, which has given me time to oscillate between reading and sleeping. I have been going through the first 400 pages of “How Music Really Works” that can be read for free. The book is - shall we say - quite peculiar, with long passages about evolution, but it has given me a totally new understanding of music theory. There is a lot of thought that has gone into the description of the components of music, and the last free chapter has an impressive analysis of chord progressions.

After reading it (and not fully understanding it yet) I have been able to doodle some chord progressions in GarageBand that actually sounded like they were musical in a way - a huge progress for me.

I have caved in and bought the full 900 page book (for USD 22) in some DRM crippled Adobe crap format. Still - the content is really good, and in a way I hope to spend more time in bed reading it. (On the other hand, I’d really like to get back to work and stop having to drink “infusion”)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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