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36 - another day, another Mobino iOS app released

We had released the first (of many) updates to our Mobino iOS app over a month ago, but got shot down by the droids at Apple for using the word “beta” on our splash screen. The easy way - of course - would be just to scratch the Beta tag, but we spent quite a bit of time on again improving the user experience for signups, signing in with Facebook (in order to pre fill name and photograph) as well as dozens of other small enhancements to the general feel of the app.

While it can be frustrating to only seemingly taking baby steps, it is totally satisfying to see people use the app for the first time, sail through the sign up process without problems, and even comment on the slickness.

So - if you haven’t yet - go and check out the current version of the Mobino app. (also - of course - available with the same loving attention to details on Android)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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