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6 - fast

Tomorrow I will start a 7 day fast. Today saw reduced food intake (even though I had two social events to attend to) and not-tea instead of tea. The last time I held fast must be around 18 years ago. I remember deeply enjoying the experience (and missing the act of chewing the most) and I have been on the verge of fasting again from time to time. But now, finally, the stars have aligned and I am ready to do it again.

I have been reading up on the process and been absolutely disgusted with some of the books that are out there: A terrible mix of esoteric, religious, spiritual and pseudo science. Luckily, the book I used last time, is still available and as good and “almost dry” as I remember it - with usable plans instead of non-sense.

Not eating as much as I am used to is actually a lot easier than one thinks - drinking enough helps. But now I’m really hungry, so its time to go to bed. Tomorrow the real thing starts, and in 2 days, I should be fine and over the initial bad days.

I remember from last time, that I had terrible head aches the first two days (due to caffeine withdrawal). I hava a feeling that at least that part should be a lot easier because I have switched to green tea a couple of years ago.

Will report back (as if you were interested :) ) on the progress.

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