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Almost exactly 6 years after I talked about Habits it is time to pick up the topic again. It seems that starting a new year brings out the desire to work on self-improvement in me. And that means working on all of the things that “one should do” regularly (like brushing teeth).

A couple of years ago, I tried the BJ Fogg Tinyhabits method to intrduce new habits (it seems that the topic of Micro Habits is the new hot shit anyway) and failed spectacularly. I don’t even remeber what I tried to achieve then. Other habits have been more successful: 2 years ago I bought an Apple Watch and have been closing my rings almost every day ever since (I’m on day 703 of 1000). I learned that I needed to be able to make exceptions (being sick is one of them, helping kids prepare for final exams another) and be ok to breaking the chain. Still I have been walking to work almost every single day for the past two years.

This beginning of January I decided to have a go at making more habits again, also because I was prompted by the Unlock Your Performance course I did. Mark introduced the small daily habits that help you work on getting a better performer.

So I downloaded Streaks, an iOS app that keeps track of up to 12 habits and decided to start the following 5-6 habits (new or old ones):

  • 30 “Me Minutes” each morning, consisting of 10-15 minutes of Yoga and 10 minutes meditiation
  • Weigh myself
  • Measure blood-pressure (and take the pills to lower it)
  • Fast for 16 hours every day (no food after dinner until lunch the next day)
  • Practice guitar for 20 minutes

So how did it go?

Overview over length of streaks for the habits

  • 31 days of “Me Minutes”: Check
  • 30 days of recording my weight (I started a day later): Check
  • 31 days of measuring the blood pressure: Check
  • 29 days of intermittent fasting (started 2 days later): Check
  • 12 days of guitar practice: Fail

In addition to that, I have been going to the gym 1-2 times per week as well for the last 4 weeks, but I’m not tracking that.

I’m quite happy with how I managed to hold up - but as vowe says it takes 60 days before habits really are ingrained. I will keep you updated, dear reader.

As for the failing habit: I haven’t had the energy to sit down after work and pick up the guitar and do serious practice. I’m missing making music, but I’m learning to accept the fact that I don’t have the endless amount of energy I had in earlier years. I probably should practice in the morning, but that clashes with the other routines.

Finally, as if on queueu, Derek Sivers wrote about Daily Journaling today. I will add that as a 6th habit for the coming month and see how that works out.

Jens-Christian Fischer

Maker. Musician