This is my now page. It is a list of things and projects I’m working on right now (and as times go by) a list of things I’ve done.

Based on the idea of

What I’m doing now

Last updated: 2022-11-13

  • Moving from Twitter to Mastodon
  • Learning a ton of new things about CyberSecurity (I have changed roles and am now working to build a SOC)
  • Continuing to making weird music

What I plan to do

Archived Now pages

Updated 2019-01-03

(Yeah, I pretty much didn’t do any of these things - except for letting go: Both my kids have moved out, graduated and are fully in their own life. That’s great: 2022-11-13)

  • Working on the Album Crystal Caves. So far I have recorded three tracks, at least three more to come
  • Working (with my daughter) on providing visuals (a 3D sculpture of programmed LEDs) for a possible live performance of Crystal Caves
  • Getting back into blogging, exploring the IndieWeb and working on a Hugo template called Chaschper that is IndieWeb enabled
  • Working on learning to play Jazz guitar, both by being a member of the ElectricCampfire by Mike Outram and taking lessons with Philipp Schauffelberger
  • Working on performing better with PlayInTheZone by Mike Morley Fletcher
  • Working as a team lead at SWITCH where I work for a wonderful team of engineers that build and operate SWITCHengines, a IaaS cloud for Swiss Academia
  • Learning to let go: My son has moved out in December 2018, my daughter will probably follow suit in the next few years

Blog Posts

  • Signs - communication can go wrong when you aren’t aware of how your message is received by the recipient
  • How to get better at playing guitar - reflections on that long post by Mark
  • Habits


  • LED python scene manager
  • Continue evolvement of Chaschper Template