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The Farm

I spend my summer holidays with friends in a remote place somewhere in Denmark on an old farm. It is a time of talking, laughing, sharing stories, crafting, sports and good food. And sometimes there’s music. In previous years I shared some of my songs, this year I performed a set with guitar and iPad and a portable speaker for a few friends one afternoon. As usual, I recorded the set - this time I tried to capture all tracks and not just the resulting stereo mix. ...

Jens-Christian Fischer
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The Forest of Unending Warmth

The music of Erik Emil Eskildsen (eee) is not something that naturally would be played on the radio. Which is a shame, and also a good thing (Art!). His music takes time to listen to, and it also needs repetition and intensive listening. I stumbled upon eee via Markus Reuter - both of them play Touch Guitars, an invention by Markus. (Markus, of course, I met via Make Weird Music - a fantastic collection of interviews with musicians, away from the main stream) ...

Jens-Christian Fischer