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Time flies

Almost two weeks without an entry on the blog - oh god. My faithfull readership (yes - I know that there are some out there) must have turned away in disgust.

I have had way to much to do the last couple of weeks, and my “hair turning gray ratio” has accelerated at an uncomfortable pace.

While being on the blog-o-pause I have thought a lot about why I blog, what I blog about, why I should continue to do it (and of course about the meaning of life). The last question - thankfully - has the simplest answer: 42 (although, when reading about Danielle and her trial, I think there must be more….)

I blog, therefore I am

Hmm - that doesn’t cover it too well either. When I started thinking about starting a blog, I asked vowe about why he did his. He said to me: Use it as an external brain-dump, as an annotated link list. Good idea and that covers part of it at least. But then sometimes I get the urge to write about things I care about, things that irk me.

Sending out lifesigns to the world, if you will. Marking a presence in cyberspace. (like dogs peeing around their territory maybe?)

I find that I miss something when not blogging, so I’ll try to keep it up again, making this part of the virtual universe worth visiting again.

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