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I travelled to Munich today for a very important meeting about my company. Due to the strike of the strike of the railroad workers in Austria, I traversed a tiny part of Austria by bus, curtesy of swiss railroads. Unfortunately that prolonged the trip by 45 minutes. In the afternoon preparations for the meeting that took place at 6. A quick coffee with an old friend in a Biergarten, and then almost 4 hours of meetings with shareholders and investors.

A glass of wine, bread and cheese, and a quick check on the email and the blog. There was another comment spammer that got through the new defenses - how are they doing it? By hand?

The meeting went much better than anticipated. There was a lot of tension before the meeting, nerves raw - but in the end we all were on the same page, in the same book again. Plans were made, tasks defined.

I’m totally exhausted - physically and mentally. And tomorrow I have to get up at 6:30, catch a train at 8:12, hope for the end of the strike in Austria and be with two clients in the afternoon, before I can relax into the weekend.

And the most important thing today? I got to hold David Elia, the 15 day old son of my best friend Ben. Mazel Tov!

Jens-Christian Fischer

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