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Empty Blog? No - the ZEN of working

Just noticed that my blog has been empty for a couple of days. I have been so busy during the last couple of weeks, that everything else in my life has taken a seat on the backseat. It’s a pleasure to work for 12 hours in a stretch, fully concentrated, no distraction necessary or allowed. The “being in the zone” for so long time is an experience that I haven’t had for years. It’s extremely satisfiying and I wonder how long it will last…

The new Personal Groupware we are working on, is coming along nicely. I’m working with two exteremely talented people and it’s a joy to build something with them.

I have been heads down designing, coding, building and ZAPPATA will soon be ready for internal consumption. Raphaël, Matthias and I have a common vision of how people can collaborate in the future (that’s the “Personal Groupware” tag we have given our new venture). It’s exciting to see how a vision is turning into reality so fast.

And - as added benefit, I have learnt a lot about Java, Atom, XML parsing and writing, and so on. Very rewarding, very fun, very exciting.

Stay tuned for more information

Jens-Christian Fischer

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