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Using ZOE for accounting

I have a raved about Zoe before because it’s just a very handy tool to have. It (of course) archives my email and I can access it from remote sites as well (fascist firewall/proxy combos not being in the middle).

Today I learnt that Zoe helps me with accounting. It’s the time of year where I have to give my accountant all bank and credit card statements with attached receipts. After the first big bill from the account I have taken to hand in the stuff in a more organized form than usually. That meant that I had most of my stuff parat.

Safe for the email confirmations to all the stuff I bought on the internet with the credit card. Well, Zoe to the rescue. It took me literatlly not more than 5 minutes to find a dozen emails from various companies, print them, staple them to the credit card invoice and be done with it.

Finding the receipt for the Pragmatic books? Search for “pragmatic” – no, search for “40.00” (the amount spent) - yes, two messages.

I shiver to think how I would have handled that with a “normal” email client (like - urgh - Outlook).

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