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Web based Mac SE

Back in the old days[1], I worked at a company that imported Mac Emulators for the Atari ST and sold them. We had all kind of fun stuff to deal with, the most notorious being to find old Mac ROMs for the emulators.

Anyway - today, it’s easier: Use the Web Based Mac SE without a ROM …

[1] and with old, I mean OLD – I just tried to find references on the web to the company, but it’s difficult… The company was called Trillian, and googling for Trillian is a bad idea (if you’re looking for that specific old, Atari ST distribution company. Searching for Marvin (which was one of the related companies yields a bit better results, and if you actually happen to know the name of some of the products that Marvin developed and Trillian distributed you will find one or two references ;-)

Oh - and I even found a review of the colibri scanner

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