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Textdrive hosting

The last weeks must have been a frenzy for Dean and Jason over at TextDrive.

They managed to get 200 people to sign up for a hosting package that enabled them to start a company. I have bought into it, and have so far received tremendous good support from Jason and Dean. Even special DNS configurations whishes were executed in “near-real-time”. Sending an email to Jason (who does the sys admin thing) resulted in modified DNS record in less than 10 minutes. Impressive!

I have moved my first domain over to TextDrive and will move more (including this one) in the future. This relieves me a lot from worrying about the flaky ADSL connections I have had lately.

Blatant Advertising follows

So, if you are looking for a great web hosting provider, give them a serious look… The specs of their server alone are worth a look.

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