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Hope it works out

The last couple of days were quite a ride: Crashing applications on production servers, family woes after 25 years of not talking to each other, my server that died on saturday, a DNS move, a business critical application that stopped working at the customers site on friday and we got it working again at noon today.

And last but not least I finally saw Fahrenheit 911 which came on TV today.

I had read Michale Moore’s books and I had seen Bowling for Columbine a couple of months ago so I thought I was prepared for Fahrenheit 911. But still, I wasn’t. [1] Seeing how much lies have been spread by the Bush administration, how much fear and hatred they have spread, how many lives their actions have cost makes me sick. I can only hope that more than 50% of the american people will give this man and his pack of advisors “the boot in the arse” they so rightfully deserve.

Make the world a better place, please, vote for Kerry.

Ok, I’ll step down from my soap box now…

[1] Yes I know that Fahrenheit 911 isn’t fair to Bush. That Moore exaggerates. That certain facts are taken out of context. That there probably are things that could be argued. But the important facts are there: Bush is a lying, self-righteous bastard.

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