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This Mac thing

I admit it. I have switched. The Mac Mini was just the beginning, since last week I have a 15" PowerBook. I really, really like it. I will not bore you to death with all the details of why the Mac is better – you have heard those things before.

I have to keep my trusty Dell Inspiron for the Lotus Notes development I’m doing, but most of my work day is spent in front of the PowerBook.

Also, and this is the interesting part of this post (I think): Today, a friend of mine bought a 12" iBook for his wife (phasing out an old thinkpad). He himself is strongly contemplating to buy a 15" PowerBook (after he played with mine last night) (will replace the same kind of Inspiron I have). Last week a co-worker bought a Mac Mini after he’d seen mine (complementing his home-setup of multiple computers). After I bought the Mini, my sister-in-law ordered one for herself at home (replacing an old Win98 PC).

The Mac has to be seen to be believed. I was pushed over the edge, after rsz showed me his new 15" PowerBook. This could be the start of something big….

**Update: **The guy who bought an iBook for his wife bought himself a 15" PowerBook as well, he told me today…

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