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Trying out offline editors

One of the things that bugged me about writing the blog, is that I usually have time to write when I’m not online (in the train). Recently, this has changed due to the availability of fast (and expensive) GPRS/EDGE, but the prices Swisscom charges for internet access are prohibitive high.

I was toying with the idea of running a Lotus Domino based blog, but inertia has kept me from going down that route. While I’m not that happy with my current MT setup, a change is a lot of work.

And all of a sudden, Tim Bray evaluates a couple of off-line blog composers (I’m sure they can do a lot of other fancy things as well). Right now, I’m trying ecto and MarsEdit. They both work out of the box with my MT setup. I will alternate posting for the next couple of days to see, which one is more to my liking.

Maybe you even get some more posts out of this? Benefits for all around!

Jens-Christian Fischer

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