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iSyncing with the Nokia 9500

After reading a bit about iSync & Tiger at vowe, I decided to give the solution outlined a try. However, I managed only to create a Kernel Exception on the phone, and to wipe out all my calendar entries.

Yes, I had a backup (through the excellent mobical.net service, which allows to sync the phone (and a lot of others) through GPRS.

Not giving up so easily (though it is tempting to drop the Nokia 9500 on Ebay and get a Trea 650 instead), I managed to export both contacts and calendar entries from mobical.net and import them into iCal / Address-Book on the Mac. One stumbling block was that the Addressbook only imported about 70 of 370 entries. Looking at the contacts.vcf file that mobical created, I noticed two entries with a PHOTO tag. Deleting those entries from the vcf-file got the import running.

Now I had all my data from the phone in my mac applications, but still no sync.

So I did, what every reasonable sane person in the same situation would do:

Presto - syncing of calendar entries and addresses is now working. My Nokia 9500 got a spring cleaning and I can re-install those applications that are really necessary (Which it turns out, is quite a small number of applications)

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