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Heavy Metal

Because we moved our TV from our home to our vacation flat, the only way to watch TV is to go on vacation. And here in the mountains, we have satellite TV. Most of the stuff on TV is crap. But there are a number of documentary channels that bring really interesting stuff.

Like the documentary on the “Eirik Raude”, a mobile oil rig. Seeing how this gigantic piece of machinery is being constructed and built is amazing. Many ten-thousand tons of metal that are swimming, not tethered. It’s computer controlled 6 rudders can keep the colossus in a position of +/- meters in any kind of weather, with a drill reaching down 3000 meters through the ocean.

Seeing what kind of difficult problems had to be solved to make this rig work is quite a humbling experience when seeing what kind of problems I have to solve each day. And it’s fascinating to see what kind of machinery humans can build.


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