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set them people to work

Here’s an idea that occured to me here at reboot. Why not set up a special session with all 400 people and have them produce a product / a service during a time period of say 4 hours.

There are so many intelligent, smart people around here that have all kinds of skills.

Why not give them a task and let them rip at it? There are visionaries, philosophers, artists, writer, marketing gurus, VCs, programmers, designers, project managers and so much more.

Give them a task that they care about and see what 400 dedicated people can come up with in – say 4 hours. That’s more than 6 months of people time. Things like the next web service could be at least seeded in that time.

Or if managing 400 people sounds daunting - make 8 teams and turn the whole thing into a competition.

Collaborative competitions. Tapping into the brain power of reboot participants. What do you think a team of the speakers alone could do….

The mind boggles.

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