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I may be the last person to enjoy a conference with a hi-tech factor. And that is probably because the last conference I’ve been to was back when having a modem line in the hotel room was considered high-tech.

Here at reboot, 50% of the people lug and operate a laptop. I guess a lot of them use it to check on news feeds and mail, but there is spontaneous collaboration happening all over.

There are people writing transcripts of the speeches, using collaborative editors like SubEthaEdit. Watching the transcript taking shape in real time is an extremely fascinating thing. Being able to record the talks with the laptop for later perusal opens so many possibilities to re-digest the talks later on. (it helps seeing Doc Searls who was sitting next to me, using Audio Recorder to do this)

I am not convinced, that limiting access to WiFi like other’s suggest (can’t find the references), really is that worthwhile.

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