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Moving, moving, moving

Blogging will be light during the next couple of days. We have taken the keys to our new house last tuesday and I have been busy honing my manual skills by laying down more than 60 square meters of floor in the newly refurbished roof of the house. My hands ache. My knees ache. I know why I work in IT and not on the construction sites of the world.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have about 700 m2 of garden to take care of.

And today the kids got two dwarf-rabbits. (Finally they can have furry animals because they are going to live in the garden. My allergic reactions prevent anything furry in the flat or house)

Internet at the old flat (where we still live in a chaos of boxes, rubbish and 4 plates that haven’t yet been moved to the new house) is cancelled, and service not yet restored at the new place. Obviously “something” needs to be “looked after” by “a service company” that “should contact you soon” as the service rep of Cablecom told me. I’m not holding high hopes. Meanwhile I still have access at the office or through GPRS.

Saturday is Move-Day. 14 people (family and friends) are expected to help us move everything the 500 meters to the new place.

I’ll be back ;-)

Jens-Christian Fischer

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