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CopyCats part II

Obviously, Josh Petersen got in contact with the CopyCats of aimido. They responded and Harald Schropfer, one of the missing advisors made an appearance on Josh’s 43things list. The home page of Aimido now sports a “inspired by…” blurb which lists 43things and goes on like this:

43things.com, blogger.com, friendster.com, Google Suggest, linkedin.com, meetup.com, orkut.com, parship.com, ryze.com, technorati.com, tickle.com, tribe.net, Richard Horne`s "101 Things to Do Before You Die", and many more...

Thank You!

What irks me about this, and about the email they sent to Josh, is the complete and utter refusal to own up to what they have done: Not only stealing an idea but the actual look and feel, the way things interact and so on.

Not only that, but the tone of the email they sent is, like, so elitist: “We have stolen your idea, and now that we got caught we make sure to diss it, we diss our potential user base and because of all that, don’t expect any apologies from us.”

Thinking back to Ben Hammersley’s talk at reboot, it seems that those two “founders” should get a good talk-over from their mothers about what’s appropriate, ethical and good human behavior. Stealing is naughty - off to bed without food!

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