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Well, well, well. There is this company called 43things.com that provides a neat web service. And suddenly there’s a german company called aimido that does the same thing. Josh Petersen of 43things blogged about it.

Who are David Kuczek and Berit Ernst? Why are they seemingly stealing the idea, the layout and the functionality of another companies business?

What happened to having your own ideas? Do their partners, Andreas Arntzen, Lars Langusch, Harald Schropfer and Oliver Weyergraf know that their business is looking like it was lifted 1:1 from someone else? (who, by the way also have a german presence) Do they care? Or is it totally intentional?


Googling a bit, finds this press relase which, as you can see is titled “42 Dinge” (or for those that can’t read german: “42 things”. What a coincidence to the 43 things of - 43things.com

Interesting, interesting…. Lets’ see what these people with their “hohe Grunderkompetenz” are going to say, when more people see how innovative they really are.

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