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What has happened to FolderShare?

After a couple of weeks of having FolderShare installed on a variety of Windows and Macintosh Computers, I decided to upgrade to the paid, professional version of their service. Foldershare allows you to keep multiple folders in sync across multiple computers. It works beautifully and flawless.

Today I wanted to put it on my Mac Mini which I got back from repairs (it’s harddisk had died) to sync back files from my Mac Laptop.

Imagine my surprise when I came to the download page and the Mac version was gone. And there’s more that’s gone:

The users forum. The blog. No trace of any kind of explanation. The system requirements show FolderShare only working on Windows systems. The FAQ has no entries on the missing Mac stuff.

All the things that made ByteTaxi, Inc, the makes of FolderShare seem like a trustable resource (forum, blog) have been removed.

Anyone out there know what’s going on?

**Update (2005-11-04): **FolderShare has been bought by Microsoft. Here’s the reply I got from them:

Due to our recent acquisition by Microsoft, our Mac version is

currently unavailable. We plan to have it back up this weekend.

Check the site on Monday and the download should be available.

And their service has become free. Looks like I just burned $100. Oh well. Maybe it’s time for an alternative?

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